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Yorkshire Bitter and Not So Dark Ale

Just started drinking the last two brews from late 2011: a Yorkshire bitter and a “Dark Ale” that turned out not so dark in the end.

Munton’s Yorkshire Bitter

(start 2011-09-20)

  • Muntons connoisseurs range Yorkshire bitter
  • Replaced sugar in recipe with can of Morgans Pale Lager Malt
  • Added Fuggles finishing hops (Morgans)

Chucked in the yeast at 26C (against advice of 18-21 because it was late and I was knackered). Vigorous fermentation started within 12 hours and appeared to stop after 3-4 days. FG: 1018 (a bit high? but SG not recorded and fermentation had stopped for 2-3 days).

Tastes pretty good after a decent period in the bottle. I should have followed Dave’s advice to reduce the amount of water added to the wort as it’s not as strong as I would like, but I guess that makes it more of a thirst-quenching summer ale. End result is very drinkable and even the father-in-law likes it (as long as it’s cold!).

Dark Ale Experiment – the “Not So Dark Ale”

(start 2011-09-27)

  • Black Rock Pilsner Blonde (Nelson Hops and Malted Barley)
  • Morgans Caramalt Amber
  • Cascade finishing hops

SG: 1040. Caramalt smells great! FG not recorded.

After a few months this is a pleasant enough drink but rather disappointing. I was hoping for something a bit closer to White Rabbit’s Dark Ale but it’s really like a dark coloured lager with some of the hops showing through. Like the Yorkshire bitter I’m not too fussed as it’s a good drink for a warm summer evening. The search goes on….

I’m still tossing up the idea of setting up a kegging fridge in the laundry. Now that the garden is finished the procrastinating baker has given her approval so I just have to convince myself that I’d brew enough to make it worth it. Another round of sterilising bottles will probably tip me over the edge.

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