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Two Snakes and a Brokers Nose

Long run on the Bulli Escarpment this morning. I used to run here a lot with the KJs so I know most of the trails. Sadly the mountain races stopped when someone had the silly idea of asking the catchment authority for permission, with predictable consequences (trail bikes, burnt out cars and illegal dumping are OK, but a few light-footed runners are a problem). It’s a great place to train at this time of year: a cool breeze off the ocean, shade under the trees and lots of bloody big hills. I dropped a water bottle at a gate on the highway and parked up in Woonona below the old Bellambi Colliery.

Great uphill running for the first hour or so with just the whip birds for company. I ran to the highway then turned and headed back towards Brokers Nose, bumping into a couple of JKs training for Six Foot on the way. The view from the nose was pretty good:

View from Brokers Nose

Meanwhile my testicles were being gently fried by the massive microwave installation just behind me (should be a few of my designs in there somewhere):

Brokers Nose Mobile Phone Tower

Carried on south along the escarpment where the track got really rough and overgrown. With the recent rain you’re basically running in a stream. I turned at the truck stop at the highway and headed for the rollercoaster trail under the HT pylons. It was here things got interesting when I nearly trod on a bloody great big snake! Anyone who has ever done this will recognise the “girly leap” and the “girly yelp” that followed. So I’m sprinting away and about 30 metres further on, just as the adrenaline really kicked in, I nearly trod on another one! Faaark! It took a while for the heart rate to come back down after that. I very often see snakes around there and I’d actually taken a bandage with me (something I almost never carry). I always wondered though, if I got bitten in a remote place and didn’t have a phone, what would I do? I mean, I could bandage up the bite but then what? Do you hobble for help or pray that someone else comes along that day? (answers in the comments please).

Anyway, I then got completely lost and spent ages following mountain bike tracks and getting scratched and muddy before eventually popping out onto the escarpment trail again and heading back to the car. All in all a great way to spend the morning and my legs felt great afterwards. Hoping to make a few more trips down there if time allows. 32km in around 3 hours (well, they don’t call it long slow distance for nothing).

124km for the week. Probably my biggest week in a year or two, included some quality sessions and I feel good for it.

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  1. 2012-01-23 at 4:30 pm

    Whatever you do don’t try and hobble for help. Bandage the wound and then the limb as far up towards the torso as you can and stay still (emphasis!). Try running with a phone (looks like the coverage is good up there) or a mate. Gaters may not be a bad idea to protect your lower legs.

    I always see snakes up there on the escarpment too. I did an MTB ride with my son just after x-mas and ran over 3 snakes in 15k. They all just took off into the bush after I hit them.

    • 2012-01-23 at 7:11 pm

      Thanks Charlie – good advice. I got same advice from experienced bushwalkers as well.

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