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Bondi Express

Foot improved markedly throughout the day so I set off around 6pm for my long run. Not too hot, about 25C, but it was humid and I was sweating buckets. I planned for 36km around the Eastern suburbs and borrowed the procrastinatingbaker’s Garmin to keep me honest. Ran from Petersham to Maroubra covering the first 14km in an hour (4:17/km), then followed the coastal path (a bit slower) up to Bondi before turning back towards the Glorious Inner West. Kept the pace quite even before working harder over the last 9km averaging 4:10/km. All up 36.3km in 2hrs37 (4:19/km). Legs were a bit heavy but otherwise I felt good despite taking nothing but water. That probably says more about the 3-day enforced taper I’ve had than my actual fitness.

It’s the big boy 2-year old’s birthday party tomorrow. Perfect opportunity to replenish my glycogen with all the cakes. Hoping to get out for 10k or so in the afternoon/evening to make this week’s totals respectable.

For Tim’s benefit I hope to start a new brew within a week or two. Thinking a porter at this stage, will give a detailed account in due course. Tasting at chez Fats or maybe after the next Centennial 10-miler.

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