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Montpelier Hills – Small Steps

Decided to swap out the HuRTS 45 minute tempo for a return to Montpelier Hills which I will try to do once per fortnight for the next few months. It’s a great all-round gauge on my fitness. The last time I did this session a couple of weeks ago I averaged 2:49 per rep, had an unplanned break in the middle of the session and felt pretty average afterwards. This time things went a bit better, despite the warm & humid conditions:

  1. 2:47 (2:31)
  2. 2:46 (2:29)
  3. 2:44 (2:35)
  4. 2:44 (2:34)
  5. 2:45 (2:37)
  6. 2:42

So a considerable improvement compared to last time and the whole session felt more under control. I jogged off the top of each rep and kept the recoveries nice and brisk. The hill finishes with a wicked steep pinch. From number 2 onwards I was going a little lactic on those last few metres. Nice cold shower afterwards and feel a million dollars after my “Sexy Tuna” sandwich! (yep – that’s what it says on the menu)

The long term goal is to get back to 8 reps in 2:40 average, but many small steps to get there.

13.4 km total incl. warm-up/cool-down.

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