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Mind Boggling Dubai Marathon


Dubai Finish

So this is what you get when your marathon is made the unofficial Olympic trial for the Ethiopian marathon team. Ayele Abshero Biza running 2:04:23 ON DEBUT(!!) and some stats to put the also-rans into perspective:

17 – The number of men who went sub-2:10 in the Dubai marathon last week – a new record.
16 – The number of American men who have gone sub-2:10 in history (and several of those never broke 2:10 on loop courses).
11 – Number of Ethiopians that ran faster than 2:07:48 or faster in Dubai.
1 – Number of US-born men who have ever run under 2:08:47.

Now everyone’s trying to figure out if Haile Gebrselassie will even make it onto the team!

Read more at letsrun.com

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