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The original HuRTS

I guess this is the original HuRTS session: 5x 1200m on Hickson Road. Lovely running weather – cool and drizzly. It was safety in numbers dicing with the traffic at the far end where roadworks have blocked off the cycle lane.

  1. 3:52 (2:08)
  2. 3:43 (2:06)
  3. 3:48 (2:03)
  4. 3:42 (2:06)
  5. 3:48

The return reps 2 & 4 are always about 5 seconds quicker so I guess it’s a bit short on that side of the road. Very happy with the session. It felt good, I didn’t overdo it and I can tell the last few weeks are starting to pay dividends.

Calves are still sore though. Tomorrow’s massage can’t come soon enough. 14km all up.

…and finally news from New Zealand where they obviously take their school sport pretty seriously.


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  1. Tiger
    2012-02-02 at 7:41 pm

    For 30 years they’ve been bitching about an underarm delivery which was legal but they can’t handle having their cheating little brats wait for the gun to go bang.

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