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Monday: commute 13.2km (55 mins)

Tuesday: I wanted to fit in another hill session this week (will probably drop it from next week so my legs are fresh for the Equaliser). Variety is the spice of life and I’ll try anything once, so I devised a variation on the usual Montpelier Hill session – I’ll call it Montpelier Swingers. Each rep consists of one short hill and one long hill. The short hill is up Eaton St to Alfred St (~205m each way) and the long one is up Montpelier to Premier (~475m each way) and I run them continuously back-to-back hitting the lap button each time I pass through the start. The aim is to run the downhills quite fast as well as the uphills and to avoid slowing down (get progressively faster if possible). I thought 5 reps would be about right:

Rep (short hill, long hill)

  1. 1:44, 3:52
  2. 1:42, 3:43
  3. 1:38, 3:42
  4. 1:38, 3:39
  5. 1:38, 3:35

I actually think I should have done six of these because I didn’t feel like I was about to die on the 4th rep and was a bit too fresh afterwards. Either I wasn’t going hard enough or there weren’t enough reps. Anyway, I was quite happy with the format and I’ll definitely do it again.

12.7km incl. warm-up/cool-down

Recovery assisted by huge slices of the procrastinatingbaker’s  banana quickbread (no holding back on the butter and sugar this time!). Absolutely delicious! She now has a running blog too. Better written and wittier than mine so read hers too (she’s jealous of my stats): The procrastinating runner.

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