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The Equaliser

Friday: Easy 13km commute. A little bit of soreness in the kidney and felt rather delicate.

Saturday: Easy 18km around the Bay with Easy Tiger. Hot afternoon. Kidney felt fine. Drank a lot. Fingers crossed the stone is gone.

Sunday: The Striders Equaliser. A 14km trail race around the Garigal NP from Belrose. Some good ups and downs, creek crossings and slow going this year due to a rough washed out track. Dave Criniti went off like a rocket and put a big gap on the road before we hit the bush. Managed to keep him in sight until we crossed the creek when I moved into 3rd (passed by David Tonge) where I stayed for the rest of the race. I probably started too quickly as I found the long climb up from the creek surprisingly hard work but recovered over the middle of the course to finish off with a strong climb up the final hill to the finish. Time was 56:41 which is a couple of minutes slower than my best (54:24) but still an encouraging improvement over last year. After the race I jogged back over the course a second time to get in the kilometres. Including warm-up, a 30km total for the day and 123km for the week.

So that’s the last long run before Six Foot. I’ll probably do something shorter (~20k) and quicker next weekend.

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