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Long Lunch Tempo

Headed over the bridge to the Domain again for the HuRTS 45 minute tempo session. Well hydrated this time! I tucked in behind the leading group on the way out with Bartles leading, J-Fen, Paul McClarnon and a couple of others (still working out who’s who these days at HuRTS – lots of guys I don’t know). Felt very comfortable at first, as it should. Started to work a bit harder around Circular Quay and then up Hickson Rd. We turned at 22:30 halfway up Hickson Rd. (~6.4km) and picked up Ray on the way back. There was a strong headwind and lots of traffic on the return journey but I was quite pleased to reach the stone pillars again in 45:28 for 12.8km = 3:33/km avg pace.

22.6km total for the day. Very happy with the way things are going. I’m soaking up the harder sessions and the mileage well. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going after Six Foot and make the most of the winter running season.

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  1. 2012-02-22 at 5:39 pm

    Well done Fatts! The Powers that organise HuRTs have suddenly come up with a 6 week schedule which has incorporated hills periodically into the Thursday sessions.

    My reading of that article had me thinking that, rather than prescribing hill repeats, that trainer has those girls running hilly courses most days.

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