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Crap Hills

Wednesday: Easy 13km commute. Very slow. Feeling a bit overdone.

Thursday: Montpelier hill reps. I was planning to do 8 reps today so started out slow, but I am clearly still a bit shattered as the reps just got slower. By the 4th I was getting lactic in the legs right at the bottom of the climb so I decided just to grind out another two and call it a day. Breathing was fine but my legs were somewhere else entirely today. The energy-sapping heat didn’t help either.

  1. 2:56 (2:17)
  2. 2:55 (2:19)
  3. 2:56 (2:19)
  4. 2:59 (2:32)
  5. 3:04 (2:34)
  6. 3:02

13.3km total. Hopefully a couple of easy days or maybe a day off will be enough to freshen up.

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