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Parkrun 5km

Busy week at work and home so a quick catch-up…

Wednesday: Panic call from the procrastinating lawyer stuck in court so dropped the planned run to pick up the kids and do dinner and bath. Unplanned rest – the worst kind!

Thursday: Decided it would be unwise to do the HuRTS hills session this close to race day so I worked through and jogged home late. 13.2km feeling sluggish still.

Friday: Had a day at home looking after the kids while the procrastinating lawyer was in court again. The rainy day activity was a visit to Tempe Ikea (yes, yes I know!) where they happily played in the kids bedroom display for an hour before we had pancakes in the cafe and watched the planes landing. Surprisingly good entertainment for toddlers and pretty cheap too! I got a chance to run at dusk and had a brisk jog around Iron Cove (14.2km) feeling fresher. Giving the legs plenty of rest after the Woodford Dam race and planning a few sharper sessions closer to race day.

Saturday: It was miss B’s 4th birthday today so with all the party preparation to do I didn’t make it to the Strider’s 10km race at North Head. I jogged down to Sydney Park instead and did the free (weekly) Parkrun 5km race. Great simple format and a good crowd of enthusiastic runners of all ages and abilities. It’s so close and convenient I’ll be doing this one again. I took a wrong turn at the first corner, losing 5-10secs, but by about 2km I had regained the lead and finished with 16:53. A bit slower than I would hope for but that might be a good sign. I want to be peaking on race day not a week before, so hopefully the taper is planned about right. For comparison, the year I won Six Foot I ran Striders 10km the week before in 35:10 with legs still recovering from the NSW Mountain Running Champs a week earlier. I remember at the time thinking I could not have gone much quicker but by race day I felt fresh and had a different pair of legs.

There’s been plenty of speculation about the race and likely winners. From what I’ve seen/heard I reckon Maffet and Matthews will fight it out for the win. Plenty of other potentials though and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Tucks (is he over his virus?), Artup (secretly peaking?), Lee, Davies or Walter on the podium. Perhaps even Chairman Tom if he pulls his finger out and actually races the thing this year instead of treating it like a long training run! I’ll give it my best but I think I started my build-up a couple of months too late to have any chance of a podium finish. I could have done with more fast finish long runs and races under my belt. I’ll find out whether I’ve done enough on the Black Range I suppose…

Given the state of the river it might not even happen which will be an annoying waste of a taper. If that’s the case, I’ll be saving my biscuits for the awesome Mount Solitary and doing a big weekend of training up there instead. Some reps of the Moorara Boss Fire Trail might be in order. If Six Foot gets cancelled I reckon Mt. Solitary will fill its 200 limit in a microsecond (get in quick before the rush).

Finally, here was the birthday cake chosen by the birthday girl, baked by Mummy and assembled with the assistance of yours truly the structural engineer:

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