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Love Will Tear Us Apart

Pretty aggressive tapering this week due to a sore hip and some tightness. Easy run commutes on Mon & Tues followed by a much needed massage on Wednesday morning which sorted out the residual niggles nicely. Easy Tiger now has a trolley covered in packs of needles by the side of the table. Looks like he’s setting up as the evil torturer from a Bond movie. Fortunately he didn’t try any of that woo-woo on me this time.

After the massage I jogged up to North Sydney oval where I had a good stretch and did some drills, strides and 6 x 1 min on 1 min off at 90%. Felt much better but then when I picked up the kids in the afternoon I started sneezing and got that familiar scratchy throat. Must have been one of the germ bags at the party on the weekend – little buggers. Anyway, not much I can do about it but rest up, drink lots and hope it clears up in time.

Wednesday night we went to see New Order at the Hordern. It was planned ages ago and we ummed and ahhed about it because neither of us are feeling great, but in the end we went and had a good time. Bernard Sumner still can’t sing live but they did a few of the old hits and finished off with Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart:


It made me nostalgic for my rainy student days in Manchester at the Hacienda and The Academy. Really, really wished they’d played their 1990 World Cup song (imagine John Barnes appearing on stage to do his rapping sequence!). Surely the best football anthem ever:


We raced back to the car at the end but it still took us an hour (yes, a whole hour) to get out of the car park. Got home in time for some toast and bed at 1am. Not exactly ideal race prep, but I’m compensating by having a day off today to try to shake the cold. That might explain the extended blog post too!

Now, looking at the weather I’ve got to say I’m not too optimistic about Six Foot happening at all. There’s been loads of rain overnight and the water level in the river is starting to rise again. It will have to start coming down again, and rapidly, for it to be looking safe by tomorrow when the decisions are made. Here is the rainfall overnight at Mt. Boyce (green bars):

Mt Boyce rain


…and here’s the water level in Cox’s River – just starting to rise again:

Coxs River


Note how the water level tends to rise quickly but descend rather more slowly. It is hard to see how it will fall enough to be safe by tomorrow, but fingers crossed all the same. If it’s cancelled then I’ll be doing a long run from Caves House. Various options but most likely an out-and-back along the Six Foot Track with a possible side-trip down the Moorora Boss Firetrail. Happy to have company.

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