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Not the Six Foot Track Marathon

Well the race got cancelled. Not a great surprise really and for me it wasn’t too disappointing because by race day I was feeling crappy with a bad cold. So we went up to the mountains anyway and had a nice weekend taking the kids on bushwalks and the zig zag railway. On Saturday I ran with Amanda up the track from Caves House to the road. It was nice to be able to stop and enjoy the view – really quite beautiful.

Caves House

Amanda was complaining about her running shoes (and I was responsible for leaving her good pair at home) so I offered to swap shoes for the return to the Caves. All I can say is wow – Hokas are the most insane piece of footwear I have every worn! It feels like strapping two big polystyrene boats to your feet and then trying to run on them. Every step you feel all the energy being absorbed into the squashy sole as your foot lands. I don’t know how anyone wears these silly things and I can see why Amanda was keen to swap. Anyway, here is me running Six Foot in Hokas:

Six Foot in Hokas

All others days were rest to try to shake this cold. A pathetic 47km for the week. I’m impatient to smash myself and try to use up some of this taper. Bring on Mount Solitary!

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  1. 2012-03-12 at 11:24 am

    Thank you for taking pity on me and offering to wear my shoes for a little while (they looked much better on you anyway). I’m not sure I could have plodded much further in my clown shoes. They are quite nice for short recovery runs on the road, but not much fun on the trail.

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