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Western Wanderer

Took another day off on Saturday to finally kill this cold (seems to have worked) and get some chores done.

Sunday morning I ran from home to the Striders Western Wanderer STaR. Great 6:20am group this week with Dave Criniti, John Binfield, Ray Wareham, David Tonge, Andy Hayden, Georgie Moore, Flakey and others. The pace was fairly solid and the group fragmented as we progressed from 4:30s to 4:15s (15km) to 4:00s (20km). I ended up hanging onto the two Daves as we hit the Bay running 3:45s and I peeled off at Hawthorn Canal towards home. 37.5km total in 4:15 average pace – no brekky, no gels and I felt like I could have kept going so the carbo depletion training is working well. Fingers crossed I seem to be over the cold.

Easy Tiger’s needling doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the hip which is still very tight. JB described an excruciating stretching manoeuvre for this which I intend to try but it might require Amanda’s help to stay upright.

By the way, I’m loving the Garmin. What an amazing piece of kit.

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