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Bobbin Head 5 Hills

The hip is still giving me grief so I’ve laid off the HuRTS sessions for the time-being. I rested for four consecutive days last week. It’s driving me nuts – I am so in the mood to smash myself with a hard training block!

On Sunday I headed up to Bobbin Head with JW for his 5-hill circuit. About 25km into the run I caught my left foot (good side) on a rock and in the process of saving myself from falling gave my already dodgy hamstring a painful tug. I was left with a very short stride to shuffle the last 10 km.

Sunday: 35 km of single-track, stairs etc. in around 4 hours. 1250m up/down.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 15 km easy. Plenty of stops to stretch out the hip/hammie.

Wednesday: 20km at 4:15 avg.

Yesterday’s 20km felt really good but my hip is tightening up all the time. If I don’t stop to stretch every few kilometres then I’m getting sharp little stabby pains and a progressively shorter stride as my hamstring tightens up. Massage tomorrow and then if I’m still struggling after the weekend I’ll be off to the physio.

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  1. 2012-03-29 at 11:54 pm

    Sounds like time to let Tiger get the needles out…

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