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Easter Catch-up

A couple of frustrating weeks with continued hip problems and a bout of fever/tonsillitis. It’s been a case of squeezing in the runs whenever the body will allow. Motivation has been rather low hence the blog has been a bit neglected. Catching up:

03/29 – 14km easy commute.

03/30 – AM massage and more pins and needles with tiger. PM 18km around Kirribilli, Cremorne Pt, the Zoo and back through Mosman. Nice solid run followed by boozy Mexican party. Way too much tequila. Not sure what was going on here:

03/31 – Bad hangover. No run.

04/01 – Striders Tourist Trot STaR. Ran from home to the start in Centennial Park for some extra distance. Decent pace, especially on the other side of the bridge. I broke off to head towards home but the hip seized up again with 3km to go which reduced me to a walk. 32km in 2.5 hours.

…3 days off with fever & tonsillitis…

04/05 – 15km run commute, solid pace.

04/07 – 17.5km hilly bush run around Bateman’s Bay. Started at Cullendulla Reserve > up highway to Round Hill lookout > down fire-trail to Deep Creek Dam > followed the hills under the telegraph poles back to Batehaven via Glenella Rd.

04/08 – 28km bush run around Mogo with Amanda. Buckenbowra Rd. > Quart Pot Rd. > Ross Ridge Rd. > Runnyford Rd. > Mogo Trig Rd. > Dog Trap Rd. > Glenella Rd. > Batehaven

04/10 – HuRTS 4x10min (2min recoveries). Despite a lot of missed training days recently this was a good session. Pace for each rep was 3:31 (up), 3:18 (down), 3:34 (up), 3:20 (down). HR peaked at 165 each rep and recovered to 105 in the recovery (NFI what that means!). Lovely cool breeze out there. Total 19.8km incl. warm-up/cool-down.

I’m hopeful I can manage the hip problem through Mount Solitary. It’s feeling a bit tight today after yesterday’s session but I’m very aware of the need to keep stretching and to back off occasionally.

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