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ANZAC day experiment

An ANZAC day experimental half-marathon session with Easy Tiger and CraigD: ET’s plan was for 18k at 4:00/km then 4k faster than half marathon pace. I ran 5km warm up from home and my hip/ITB was already giving me some grief. Quick stretch, then we set off. Craig and I ended up averaging 3:54s for the 18 (pretty comfortable) and then I ran around 3:43s for the remainder (1:25 for the 22k). Hopefully not an indication of my half marathon pace but my ITB was flaring up and I felt unable to stride out. Craig was about 30 seconds adrift and ET rolled in looking a bit wasted. Give him a few more weeks and he’ll have a lot more endurance. The finish line was a 7k jog from home but it ended up being a pathetic jalk as the ITB just seized right up outside the knee. Needs some painful work to sort it out. So about 30k of real running for the day.

I’m toying with the idea of dropping all the faster stuff and building a bigger base until my niggles are sorted out. I seem to have few problems with LSD and easy running but the quality sessions are setting me back each time and leading to too many unplanned rest days.

Wedding anniversary today so going out for dinner at a surprise (to me) venue. It’s been described as a “risky” choice so I’m intrigued…

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