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The Novice

For those unfamiliar, The Novice is a 10k race around a grassy park in Ramsgate: two 3km laps and two 2km laps. It’s called the Novice because you can only enter if you have never won a state medal. Apparently 2012 is the 100th year it has been held! Caught up with a big group of Striders for a warm-up lap of the course then took a last minute decision to change into my old pair of Inov-8 X-Talons. Stupid mistake: it took about 1km for me to remember why I stopped wearing those shoes – they chew up my heels pretty badly:


Anyway, I put the discomfort in my shoes to the back of my mind and focused on reeling in a few runners in front. I’d started conservatively and probably gained about 10 places in the first half. At about 5km I almost caught Tim Cochrane but then he pulled away strongly while I worked through a tough patch. From then on I was mostly by myself except for passing a couple of guys fading over the last two laps. There were no km markers so I had no idea how I was going for time until I crossed the line in 33:53 (9th). Pretty happy with that. It puts my old PB (33:24) within reach and suggests I should be able to run a decent time in the Herald Half. To top it all off HuRTS Chairman Tom ran very well for 3rd place and the Striders Team won Gold with me at #4!


Sunday morning I ran the North Ryde Ramble with the club. Beautiful cool and sunny morning for a run and my hip/ITB problems seem to be slowly getting better. I covered 124km this week so the mileage is OK with just a little less quality.

Last week Amanda and I celebrated our wedding anniversary (3 short years). We went to The Roosevelt Cocktail Bar which was awesome: loads of liquid nitrogen and flames! After spending a small fortune getting pissed, we revisited a few old haunts around Darlinghurst and reminisced about the early days. It was a great night and I’m pretty happy with my lot in life right now.

Beer Mug

  1. Paul
    2012-04-29 at 4:52 pm

    Good run Tony. You should easily break the PB if you run the State 10k next week on the road. Nice blister!

    • 2012-04-29 at 8:47 pm

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Flakey but Tom reckons the Novice is a touch short, therefore should be about the same time as for a fast road 10k. Maybe with some company to hang onto I’ll get close but think I’ve still got some work to do before I’m breaking any PBs.

  2. 2012-04-30 at 3:49 pm

    My guess is we’ll all go 25s quicker if the conditions are good so it’ll be very close. Nick Bellemore and Keith ran 32:46 and 32:50 respectively in State track 10km then 33:23 and 33:27 at Novice so it gives quite a good indication of form.

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