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First Porter

When I bought my kegging gear a couple of weeks ago I picked up ingredients for a Porter and an American Pale Ale (wet-pack). I put the porter on this weekend and hopefully I’ll start the Pale Ale next weekend if I can rack the Porter on Saturday and figure out all the CO2 plumbing. Timmy keeps going on and on about the so-called “HuRTS home brew night”. Jeez – talk about inviting yourself around! Anyway, stocks are running low so if I’m going to be entertaining I need to get brewing. I might even pull out the old dartboard too…


  • 1 can Wal’s Bitter (Country Brewer)
  • 1.5kg dark liquid malt
  • 150g Crystal grain
  • Nelson Sauvin hops (tea bag)
  • Ale yeast 514

I’m a bit uncertain about the Nelson Sauvin hops – they smell fantastic and are described as excellent for “big punchy ales” but they don’t seem to be a classic porter hop. It’s a bit of an experiment so we’ll see how it goes.

Steeped the grain in 1l boiled water while cleaning and sanitising the fermenter. Poured in the can, malt and a litre or two of hot water. Strained the grain and sparged with another litre of hot water. Lovely smells…

Steeped the hops in a mug while I topped up the wort to 20l with cold. Added the hops and left it to cool to 25C before pitching the yeast. OG is 1062 and smells delicious: caramelly malt, gain and very fragrant hops – yum! Lovely dark colour too. I’m excited about this one.

Fairly vigorous fermentation 24 hours later with the wort at 18C. If it gets much colder I might need the heat pad but seems to be doing fine without it so far.

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  1. 2012-05-08 at 3:24 pm

    Fats I can smell those hops from here! Great idea of Timmy’s, although I am not sure anyone who listens to The Corrs is man enough to drink a porter.

  2. Tim
    2012-05-08 at 4:05 pm

    Mmmm looking forward to it myself, beer, darts and i hear the Mrs is a mean cook? what more could the boys wish for ? 🙂
    Lets get it right Fats, it was the Nolans and not the Corrs i was listening to please.
    Some decent darts players have come out of Stokei must warn you …….

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