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I was feeling a bit flat and tired going into the Sydney:10 race. Probably not enough sleep as I’ve had an easy week running-wise. I started a few rows back and had a bit of traffic to negotiate before I found my rhythm. At about 2km I passed Timmy who was completely oblivious with his headphones on and music blaring. It was so loud we could all hear it, and what a surprise: yes ladies and gentlemen, Timmy’s a Corrs fan! Well after that revelation I gained a few more places, passed Kanser on the slight uphill and then started to struggle at about 4k. The second half was hard work holding on and I lost a couple of places. Coming into the final kilometre I could hear fast footsteps behind and Chinny came flying past (dunno what he was doing back there). Finished in 34:01 so a few seconds slower than the Novice. Some great runs today. Paul is flying, Tim going well and Kanser right on my heels. I was a bit disappointed with my time as I was really hoping for mid-33s, but it was a good solid hit-out and hopefully good training for the half in a couple of weeks.

106km total for the week.

After a cool-down around Homebush I returned home to the most AWESOME home-made criossants made by the procrastinating baker-wife. No holding back on the butter with these fellas. Check ’em out!! Did I mention what a lucky man I am?

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