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HuRTS 45 minute fartlek today and a beautiful day for it. Very comfortable start with Macca, Bartles, Tongey & co. but straight away I was farting like a trooper. Must have been Amanda’s spinach & lamb curry from last night. I really feel for the poor diners eating al fresco around Circular Quay. It took all my powers of bum-clenching control to keep Sir Douglas contained. Anyway, I held on for dear life and tried to release the pressure on the recoveries without blowing a hole in my shorts. Lost about 20m on the leading group by the turn on Hickson Rd. before trying to keep them at bay for as long as possible. Bartles & Tongey went past at the OPT and I managed to latch onto Macca’s heels for the remainder. I pushed in front of him on the last hill but he got me in a sprint for the pillars to finish in 44:40. Average pace 3:36 which is not bad at all and a great session with 1.5 weeks to the half marathon. Plan is to try to hold 3:30 pace for the first 10k and then see what’s left in the legs for the second half.

21.9km including the warm-up and cool-down. Big session for a lunchtime. I ate the leftover curry for lunch with a veggie samosa and a garlic nan bread. Could be a fun night in our house tonight!

The porter is fermenting nicely at a very constant 18C. The fumes coming out of the airlock smell great.

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