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American Pale Ale Wetpack

Over the weekend I got the keg fridge installation completed. I had to drill a hole for the gas line in the back of the fridge (carefully avoiding the coolant pipes) and modify the cupboard under the laundry sink to accommodate the CO2 bottle and regulator. Hopefully that will keep little hands off the dials! I still have to fit a lock to the fridge door to keep Mr. 2-yr-old out. He has been known to piss into the salad crisper before so god knows what damage he could do with a beer gun and a keg at forced carbonation pressure! Anyway here’s how it all looks:

I spent a while giving the 2nd hand cornelius kegs a good clean. Both had the remnants  of soft drink in the bottom so I gave them a good soak in keg cleaner and then foced it throught the dip tube with some CO2 before sanitising. Then it was time to keg my first beer – the porter! OG was 1062 and FG 1018 making it 5.7% ABV. I’m a bit worried because the hops are a tad overpowering. Turns out the guy who suggested them had meant them for the Pale Ale and we’re both unsure how it’ll turn out with the porter. Anyway, I’ll give it a week or two to mellow.

Having racked the porter I couldn’t bear to leave the 2nd keg empty for long so I put on the American Pale Ale tonight. It’s a “wetpack” which is still a fairly simple kit but involves a 60-minute boil, soaking and sparging some grain and finishing hops. Just enough effort and involvement to give a sense of satisfaction without being too onerous. This one is supposed to be rather like Little Creatures – if it’s even close I’ll be a happy drinker.

After the 60-min boil I chilled the wort for 15 mins in iced water before filling the fermenter to 20l. Pitched the yeast at 21C and measured OG (1050). Looks good. Hopefully it might be ready to keg by the weekend.

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