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Tuesday Tempo

Running catch-up:

On Sunday I ran the Striders “Emerald Excursion” STaR with JB, Ray & Co. Lovely morning to be out around the harbour. John kept pushing the pace (despite telling us he was under strict instructions to keep it under 4:30s – we were doing 3:50s around Barangaroo). I’d run from home to the start so I peeled off at the Domain and headed home at more relaxed pace for 33km total (121km for the week).

As often happens after a solid Sunday long run, Monday’s run felt fantastic. I almost took a rest day as I was feeling crappy at work but as soon as I got moving I had a spring in my step. I filled my lungs with sweet brewery smells as I passed the Malt Shovel on Bridge Rd. They must have got a mash on the go as there were clouds of malty steam floating down the road.

Today, Tuesday, was the HuRTS 45-min tempo. I caught up with Macca on the jog over the bridge and we started at a comfortable, relaxed pace. I’d planned to go a little easier today and it seems everyone else was doing the same. Tom led the way until Tongey chugged past. I turned with Tom & J-Fen at 6.25km and made it back to the pillars with 10 seconds to spare (3:35 avg pace). With the warm-up and cool-down it’s a 22km session so I’ll probably cut the mid-week long run and do something shorter instead tomorrow – maybe even rest. The tempo felt great which I guess is a good indication for the half-marathon. I just hope I can keep my legs fresh. Plan is to try to hold 3:30 pace although the first 3km (downhill) are bound to be quicker.

On the brewing front I had my first taste of the porter tonight. It’s a bit unusual, too fruity for a porter, but I reckon it will mature well if the hops mellow out a bit. Amanda likes it so it can’t be too bad! Meanwhile the Pale Ale is too cold (18C) and is fermenting at a snails pace so I put a heat pad underneath it to help it along.

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