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Nut Brown Ale

And so the brewing production line continues…. I racked the American Pale Ale into the second keg after the half-marathon on Sunday afternoon (FG 1016, 4.5% ABV) and I’m giving it a couple of days at 31PSI to carbonate. There was quite a bit of sediment to settle out (mostly loose dry finishing hops added to the wort) so I’m guessing I’ll have to chuck out the first glass or two. After cleaning out the fermenter I got another brew on straight away. This one is ESB’s Nut Brown Ale (Newcastle Brown Ale drinkalike) – recommended By Dave’s Home Brew. It comes with a good ale yeast (Safale S-04) which seems to ferment OK down to at least 18C. That means I can leave the heat pad off. Hopefully the cooler temperature will keep the beer clear and clean tasting even if it takes a few extra days to finish. The only problem is I’ve run out of kegs! Might have to resort to bottles again.

I’ve also invested in some reading matter to plan future brews. Looks like a good read:

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