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Rainy Hill Repeats

Observatory Hill Reps today (10x 550m, jog down recovery). Small crowd due to the half-marathon and several “alternative” sessions for the hill-o-phobes. Argyle Street was a mess due to road works so we started on the other side (outside The Argyle pub) and crossed over the pedestrian crossing. This should have made the reps slightly longer but the times were a little bit quicker on average compared to last time. Not too shafted afterwards. Must be getting fitter.

  1. 2:07 (2:15)
  2. 2:09 (2:16)
  3. 2:09 (2:10)
  4. 2:09 (2:10)
  5. 2:09 (2:14)
  6. 2:06 (2:10)
  7. 2:05 (2:09)
  8. 2:10 (2:13)
  9. 2:12 (2:10)
  10. 2:04

Not sure what to do this weekend with the Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon in just over a week. My inclination is to not taper for the marathon except for an easy few days towards the end of next week. I spoke to race director Mr. G who tells me he expects times to be a little slower than Six Foot given the 2300m ascent/descent. That’s longer than I expected. Recovering in time for the Gold Coast Half might be a challenge.

The “Guess How Much I Love You” Nut Brown Ale is fermenting nicely. Hopefully it will be ready to bottle by Sunday night.

Finally – a plug for the latest running blogger on the scene, Tucks. Kicking off with a great race report on his epic North Face 100km.

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