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Tempo, hills and too many bloody steps

It’s been another busy week with three nights working until 1am on new prototypes. Running has been squeezed in where I can but I’ve found I just can’t train hard when I’m not getting much sleep.

Last Sunday I tried to keep JB company for a bit of his mammoth 27km at 3:33/km. I managed to stay with him for 7km but as soon as we hit the small hill up to Iron Cove Bridge I suddenly felt all the soreness of the marathon return to my legs and I dropped right off, completing 16km in just over 60 mins before jogging home for home-made crumpets!

A few easy runs early in the week, then HuRTS hill reps on Thursday. Small crowd out with most of the regulars doing an alternative session elsewhere (and posing for photos!). I ran the first two reps alone and then fortunately Andy Hayden turned up to keep me company for the rest.

  1. 2:10 (2:14)
  2. 2:07 (2:12)
  3. 2:09 (2:11)
  4. 2:09 (2:10)
  5. 2:12 (2:17)
  6. 2:12 (2:14)
  7. 2:08 (2:19)
  8. 2:13 (2:19)
  9. 2:11 (2:20)
  10. 2:09

A touch slower than last time, but I’m happy with the session given the lack of sleep and marathon recovery.

I ran the Striders Star this morning around Mosman, going short with JB and Andy for 24km. Great morning for running but too many bloody steps! JB is looking in fine form for GC marathon.

Finally I can report that Amanda has excelled herself with my “big fat loser” cake (reward for 2nd place at GWTM). I chose a ginger cake with a lemon syrup and it is sensational! Details up on her baking blog soon.

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