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45 Minute Fartlek

Beautiful sunny day on Tuesday after all the recent rain. I need to freshen up the legs in time for Gold Coast and the HuRTS 45-minute Fartlek is just what I needed. 1min on / 30 secs off, turn at 22:30. I jogged out with Tom and Terrence. Tom sped up around Farm Cove to bridge the gap to Tucks, Tongey, J-Fen and Bartles. I ran with Terrence until he stopped to tie his laces at the OSPT. Turned a bit beyond Gate 5 on Hickson Rd. (6.27km according to Garmin) and tried to hold off the lads for as long as possible. Tongey came flying past at the Opera House followed by Bartles and Tom. I clung onto the back of Tom for most of the remainder reaching the gates at almost exactly 45min. 3:35/km average pace.

I think I’m over the marathon now. Legs feel good and fresh again but haven’t quite regained my speed yet. Hopefully it will all come good just in time for a decent run at Gold Coast Half. Going to be pretty busy work-wise until then so need to make an effort to get more sleep. Speaking of which….

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