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48th in 1:14:20

After a very light week of running (and a very heavy week of work) we flew up to the Gold Coast for the Half Marathon (me) and Marathon (Amanda). I had a bit of a rush getting to the start after trouble finding a park so only a few run throughs and strides before lining up. Last time I ran this event I went out way too hard and died a death. Unfortunately I went out too hard again this time with a 3:17 1st km, but I slowed up pretty quickly and managed to hold it together reasonably well after that. Clyde passed strongly after a couple of kms and at the hairpin bends I could see J-Fen was only a few secs behind. Went through 10km in 35:00 and started to labour a bit after halfway. Picked up a couple of places on the way back including a fading 3rd place woman. With less than 3k to go a different woman and another bloke caught me. We worked together and bridged the gap to the 2nd place woman but I didn’t have enough left for a final push to the finish. I watched as the two women battled it out along the finishing chute with 300m to go. Exciting stuff. I had been hoping to go under 1:14 for the first time in a while but I was still happy with the result and might have another go at Sydney in September.

After a big coffee and breakfast burger I positioned my self around 32km to watch the marathoners come through: Tom looked great, as did Tongey, Macca and Terrence. Kanser looked a bit uneasy and JB looked dreadful. Then after a while Amanda appeared in the distance and stopped for a walk – I went mental, but it soon became clear she was crook as she veered to the other side of the road for a puke. She was still on track for a decent time so I hoped she’d be able to get going again. To her credit she pushed on but spent 10k being sick and lost a lot of time. Still, to finish after all that in 3:42 was a pretty good achievement I think.

We had a lovely evening with the HuRTS crowd at Moo Moo and stayed on for a few days to take the kids to Currumbin Wildlife Park, Dreamworld and Sea World. Not my idea of fun but they had a ball. Last word goes to “Mavis” in the Gold Coast Bulletin (a quality publication):

  1. 2012-07-08 at 3:42 pm

    Good performance in a super tough age cat
    Maybe we should cancel Mavis!

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