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NSW Road Relays – 35+ State Champs!

We picked up another bit of ANSW bling at the road relays in Ourimbah. It’s a long way to go for a 4k run but Tom sounded desperate and I need to get back into the habit of doing a race or tempo on Saturdays instead of my usual late night jog. I was down as second runner in the 35+ team and this is how we went:

Sydney Striders ‘A’ 51:51 1

  1. Tuckey, Andrew 12:48 12:48
  2. Fattorini, Tony 25:44 12:56
  3. High, Richard 39:04 13:20 4
  4. Highnam, Tom 51:51 12:47

Pretty impressive run from Tom 1 week post-marathon. My first 3km felt good and I chased down three black shirts (ASICS Wests). Final km was a struggle but happy with the time overall. Poor Tucks had to back up for a second lap in the open team but he did a good job.

Post-race carrot cakes supplied by Amanda. Hopefully the start of a regular offering since she has announced her plan to work through every recipe in her favourite baking book.

My hamstring is tight and I felt like I was fighting a virus on Sunday so took a day off. Plan to start a big training block this week. Photo courtesy of grumpy old Cap’n Tom:

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