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Montpelier Swingers Revisited

Wed: Slowish slog home via the rolling hills of River Rd., Gladesville Bridge and Iron Cove. 20km

Thurs: Woke up with a throbbing headache feeling ropey. Obviously fighting off the latest day-care virus. Took a precautionary day off.

Friday: Felt much better but got stuck in an interview at lunchtime so squeezed in a hill session after work with a cool-down jog home. I decided to repeat the Montpelier Swingers session I’ve done a couple of times before. It consists of two hills per rep, one short (200m+200m) and one long (450m+450m), run continuously and solid on the downhills. I managed only 5 reps on my first attempt and 6 last time. This time I aimed for 8 but the 1st rep was really a warm-up:

# short, long

1. 1:45, 3:57

2. 1:40, 3:45

3. 1:40, 3:40

4. 1:38, 3:40

5. 1:38, 3:40

6. 1:35, 3:37

7. 1:38, 3:40

8. 1:36, 3:39

42:50 for 10.4km

Times are 2-3 secs slower than last time but with two more reps and in the dark. The descents would have been a bit quicker in daylight. It’s a very tough session if you run it properly and by the time I’d jogged back home (for 24km total) I was stuffed. Woke up this morning properly sore – like I’d run a mountain race, so it’s done some good.

Sat: Very easy 10km around Sydney Park in the dark. Perfect temperature for running at the moment. Lovely and cool.

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