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Reading List

Some interesting stuff I’ve read recently:

Is The Dragon’s Back the toughest race in the world?  Like the Karrimor/OMM on steroids. Seriously nuts. Sounds like the next challenge for Tucks.

Meet The Man Who Changed American Politics Started the Paul Ryan Marathon Controversy: Bill Walker. Seems like a good bloke with sensible political views to me (the author – not Paul Ryan!).

Marathon Man – A Michigan dentist’s improbable transformation. Fascinating story of Kip Litton, alleged serial marathon cheat and sock-puppet. One question – why on earth? I’m exhausted just reading about it. Far easier to do the training, surely?!

Real Altitude vs. Fake Altitude. The confusing and inconclusive science behind altitude training and simulated altitude. Expensive placebo if you ask me. Save your money and just train hard with like-minded people.

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