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Sub-73, breakthrough!

I didn’t expect too much out of the Sydney Half. I felt like I’d been coasting a bit since Mount Solitary – it took me a good month or so to recover from that brutal experience! I’d only managed a few HuRTS sessions over the last fortnight and a 16:50 5km last Saturday at Parkrun (warm up was a 200m sprint to get on the start line in time). I’ve been feeling strong but not fast, so I didn’t put any pressure on myself yesterday morning. I planned to do the usual 3:30s/km and see what happened. As always, I started too quickly and covered 2km in 6:50. I could see Andy, Macca, J-Fen & Kanser just behind and expected I’d fall back to them eventually. To my surprise, by 5 or 6km I’d extended the gap, was feeling pretty good and maintaining the pace around 3:27/km. At Mrs. Macquarie’s chair the 2 guys I was with slowed through a drink stop and I pushed ahead. From there to the finish I was on my own. Went through 10km in 34:24 (3:26/km) and with some encouragement from Easy Tiger decided there was no point in being conservative now – it was do or die. I liked the variety of the course, even though it has a lot of turns and the occasional climb I find those changes help to break up the monotony. By the time I got back onto Hickson Road for the final 3km it was clear that a sub 73 was possible. Some more encouragement from the omnipresent Tiger set me up for the home straight on familiar HuRTS training ground. My legs became wobbly with 1km to go and I almost lost it, but a final pick-up got me over the line in 72:55 (12th), a 50 second improvement over a four-year-old PB.

For me this felt like a breakthrough performance. It’s given me the confidence I need for my first road marathon attempt since 2005 (will be Melbourne, if work & family allows) and some hard training for the Kepler Challenge in December. I have to finish with a big thank you to Amanda for giving me some time off to prepare and recover this weekend – the extra rest made all the difference, as did the evil Mars Bar Brownies.

  1. 2012-09-17 at 1:48 pm

    thats great stuff mate! super speedy run. Enjoy the recovery. Looking forward to hear how you go at Melbourne.

  2. Tiger
    2012-09-17 at 4:38 pm

    you forgot to deliver my mars bar brownies

  3. 2012-09-17 at 5:16 pm

    I’ve lodged a complaint with the baking dept Gary, but trust me – I saved you from yourself!

  1. 2013-01-01 at 12:43 am

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