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2012 review

All in all 2012 has been a pretty good year. It started off with renewed motivation following a (surprisingly) decent run and 4th place at the Kepler Challenge in Dec 2011. That got me focused on a proper plan for 2012 and a commitment to regular training with HuRTS and Striders Stars. It was also the genesis of this blog which has served to keep me motivated and on track. The training at HuRTS has been hugely beneficial, and I can attribute much of my improvement over the year to those regular sessions. The long tempos, the fartleks and my solo hill reps have been the bedrock of my training all year. I ran three trail marathons/ultras, coming 2nd in all three (Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon, Mount Solitary Marathon & Kepler Challenge). I was getting fitter all the time but the competition got tougher! Kepler was a standout. I haven’t thrashed myself that much in a race for a long time. I ran three half marathons with progressive improvement, eventually running a 50 sec PB at the Sydney Running Festival. And I was stoked to run a big marathon PB in Melbourne, in my first road marathon since 2006. That earned me the coveted HuRTS Performance of the Year Trophy which I will treasure like no other!

So what didn’t go so well? I wish I’d made the time to race more 10ks on the road. I probably had the form to run a good PB and a few additional shorter races would have been helpful. I need to do some stretching and some strength. Anything would be better than nothing! I have been pretty crap about getting more sleep and need to work on the early nights. I do enjoy an hour or two with a beer after the kids are in bed though…

Not sure what to expect from 2013. I’ve got an entry for Six Foot in March. On paper I’m probably fitter now than when I won it in 2007, but back then I was doing some very specific training that is all but impossible to fit in now. I have no definite plans after Six Foot. Most likely I’ll want to run another road marathon. It’s tempting to go back to Melbourne, leaving most of the winter free for shorter road races, cross-country and the odd trail race. Would love to fit in a few old favourites like Willy to Billy and the King of the Mountain.

Anyway, happy new year dear readers. I’ve finished off 2012 with a fiendishly tough 20 km evening run following some random service trails for the electricity pylons behind Bateman’s Bay. Just emerged from the bush as the sun set, and now pissed after several cocktails and some homebrew. Tonight we had:

Gin Swizzle: 2 parts gin, dash Angostura, 0.5 part sugar syrup, 0.5 lime juice, 3 parts soda water.

Brandy Alexander: 30ml brandy, 30ml creme de cacao (we substituted Baileys Irish cream), 30ml cream.

Tony’s Dark Ale experiment (one of the very last bottles – it has aged well).

Yum, night night.

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