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Griffins Fire Trail

Day two of our indulgent child-free break. After a lie-in we drove into Kangaroo Valley and out the other side to the Morton National Park. I’d found a walk description that sounded like it would make an interesting out-and-back run along Griffins Fire Trail. The trail starts on Jacks Corner Road and the turnaround is at the top of Meryla Pass. Along the way it takes in several creek crossings, ruins of some old farmhouses and one bloody huge climb.

By the time we actually got started it was about 10:30 and already hot. I packed 1.5 litres of water and Amanda 2 which, it turns out, wasn’t really enough but we lived to tell the tale and didn’t have to resort to drinking from dirty puddles. The route was very pleasant and interesting with wildlife including an echidna, several huge goannas and lyrebirds. The first few kms undulating down to Yarrunga Creek, then up past the ruins of Griffins Farm and down again to Crankeys Creek followed by an unrelenting but beautiful climb up to Meryla Pass. It was hard work but the trail was in good condition and the air got cooler the higher we climbed. We took at slight detour in the hope of reaching lake Yarrunga but that side-trail was so overgrown and blocked with fallen trees that we quickly abandoned the idea and continued up the hill. By the time we reached the locked gate near the top of the pass the temperature was OK and the views spectacular. The return trip was a lot less pleasant as the temperature soared as we dropped back into the valley and we both ran out of water as we started to feel the midday heat. It became something of a death march back to the car then a dash to the servo for some ice-cold drinks.

This is another great run. I recorded 22.7km and 900m ascent/descent. I’d recommend it to anyone staying in the area who’s in search of a challenging climb. However, I think it would be much nicer in winter or on a cooler day. Now relaxing on the balcony in the breeze with my Mountain Goat Hightail Ale. Feels quite appropriate. Off to the Hungry Duck later for dinner. It comes highly recommended so had better be good.






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