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The Corn Trail

On the way to our luxury child-free retreat we stopped off to run the historic Corn Trail off Clyde Mountain. It is the original route used by gold prospectors to get between Braidwood, Araluen and Mogo. Before that it was most likely a route used by local aborigines. The trail had been overgrown and impassable since the 1920s until it was cleared and reopened for the Bicentenary celebrations in 1988 by the Historic Trails Research Group. It is now used by hikers and (judging by the poo) occasional intrepid horse riders. It must have been one hell of a job finding the cuttings and clearing the track again.

We started from the Dasyurus picnic area a few km down a gravel road from the top of Clyde Mountain. The first 4km winds through lush ferny rainforest before the steep descent begins. The trail drops continuously for the next 6km with some parts so steep you’re left wondering how on earth anyone gets a horse through. I wished I’d worn some grippy trail shoes. Eventually at the bottom we reached the Buckenboura river and stopped for a cool-down. I’d hoped we would continue along the river to the official end of the trail but time was short and we had a fancy dinner booked at the Sourdough Bakery in Berry that night. So we turned and started the long haul back out. It was hard work but rewarding and great training. I looped back several times to pick up Amanda which gave me a bit of extra distance and vertical. By the time we reached the car again I’d got 21km and over 1100m of ascent and descent. This is a great run (or bushwalk), and one I’ll come back to in future years. Might even make it a regular NYD hit-out.

Dinner at the bakery was superb (lime cured ocean trout, pink roast lamb & chocolate mouse). We’d both only had a banana for lunch so I basically inhaled each course and then sat impatiently for the next to arrive. We ended up back at the Drawing Rooms in the hot tub with a bottle of Pinot under a clear starry night. Couldn’t be more perfect really.





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  1. 2013-01-06 at 4:17 pm

    Looks gorgeous

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