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Stinker, Hills and DB

Tuesday: dropped the session and ran home in 41°C heat. It wasn’t as bad as expected due to the low humidity but still took a good half hour to stop sweating at the other end.

Wednesday: much cooler. Decided to make up for the missed session by running hills. Did 8 reps of the Montpelier Swingers: one short and one long hill per rep, 10.4 km and +/-480 m total. Times were slow, in fact 2 minutes slower overall compared to last time, but it was good to complete the session. I have some work to do and about 2 kg to shift.

rep#. short, long

  1. 1:49, 3:58
  2. 1:44, 3:54
  3. 1:44, 3:54
  4. 1:44, 3:50
  5. 1:42, 3:53
  6. 1:41, 3:52
  7. 1:44, 3:56
  8. 1:41, 3:52

44:58 total for the 10.4km. 16km including warm-up/cool-down.

Thursday: got a late SMS from DB on a flying visit from Hong-Kong. Turned up at Drummoyne Rowers at 6am to find almost all the old Wednesday morning crowd including Guz, Action (on his last run in Sydney), Cam and Dennis. We ran 2 laps easy with DB breaking the conversation to acknowledge every single female on the Bay. He has that rare skill of turning what would, from most men, sound creepy into pure charm. 21km all up.

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