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Hot Tempo

Monday was a very slow recovery run. Legs felt like railway sleepers. 11km.

Tuesday was the HuRT Squad 45-min tempo in hot and humid conditions. Usual crowd out there except for Tim who has a panic attack every time this session is on. Quite a few guys were taking it easy today. I decided to make it a decent effort as I need the training and can afford to take a few risks this early in the year. I ran out on my own with Bartles not far behind. He caught up with me by the turn at 6.2km (3:38/km out) and we ran together back through the Quay. Approaching the Opera House I got caught in foot traffic (was particularly bad today) and dropped back a few metres. Then at Mrs Macs I really started to feel the heat and slowed a lot coming back up the hills and over the last few kms. Made it back to the pillars 34 seconds over time (3:43/km return), a bit dizzy and drenched. It was a “character building” session – maybe more about training the central governor than physical fitness. 16.5km total for the day.

I seem to be recovering quite well at the moment from one session to the next. It is a bit tempting to keep smashing myself but I fear the usual niggles are not far away…

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