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Aim, misfire, reload

Busy day on Sunday for the little fella’s 3rd birthday. Due to the rain we ended up having the party at our house which was fun but a bit of a squeeze. Pass the parcel had to be abandoned after the rules broke down and anarchy took over, but highlight of the day was an excited birthday boy enthusiastically singing a solo “happy birthday” to himself while the candles were being lit. Check Amanda’s blog for a photo of the fire engine cake! After clearing up and doing a few chores I was knackered and a bit hungry when I headed out at 7pm for my long run. Well it only took 4km to realise that it was pointless – I was stuffed and there was nothing to be gained by persevering. So I jogged back home for 8km. Planned to make up on the holiday Monday.

Today we joined what seemed like all the families of Sydney at the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Car park was full, people queuing in the rain. And inside it was going off! Being gluttons for punishment we followed up with a trip to Ikea – hell on earth on a good day! Like yesterday, it was 7pm before I got out for my run, but tonight was perfect. Steady rain, deserted streets, bit of a breeze. I love running along dark, empty city streets in the rain! I ran a route similar to the Striders Ten Bridges which is a favourite of mine for a late night long run. It felt great and I covered 33km in 4:18 avg pace. All the leftover party food made it very much like a regular star: cake, lollies, biscuits and fruit.

Hoping to get out for 14x 3mins tomorrow lunchtime. Its a killer session. Will be tough getting going so soon after the long run but I’ll have to try. Better get some sleep.

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