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A damp 4 by 10

For some reason I thought it was 14x 3 mins scheduled for today. Good job I checked as it was, in fact, 4x 10 mins with a 2 min recovery. I jogged down to the Opera House with legs feeling rather tired still from last night’s long run. Also, the wet weather has caused some unpleasant chafing – let’s just say I might as well have been wearing barbed wire underpants.

Good crowd assembled at Farm Cove and the foreshore was fairly quiet with the the rain. We run out (uphill) for 10 mins, 2 mins recovery, then return (downhill) to start and repeat off the same 12 minute cycle. The return legs are always quite a bit faster but have a longer recovery. I took them fairly easy today:

  1. 2.73 km (10:00 min / 3:40 per km)
  2. 2.73 km (09:20 min / 3:25 per km)
  3. 2.76 km (10:00 min / 3:37 per km)
  4. 2.76 km (09:21 min / 3:23 per km)

Quite pleased with how the legs coped so soon after the long run. Hopefully it’s a good sign. Not sure whether to train right through to the Striders 10km race on Saturday or to have an easy Thursday. If my body will cope I’ll try to train through in the hope of longer term gains.

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