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10k series race 1: Homebush

Caught a lift to the race with Tim in steady rain and we warmed up together before joining everyone huddled under cover waiting for the start. I started too quick (always do on this course) and went through 1k in 3:14 before settling into more sensible 3:25s, splashing through puddles and getting nicely soaked. I was pretty much on my own until we reached the muddy track at about 4km and passed Craig McCredie and another guy by going short in the mud and water where they stayed wide on the bitumen. It was impossible to find a good line around there. In places the water was just too deep or the sand too soft and whichever way you went seemed to be a mistake. By 5km I had almost caught Brendan Davies (slowing after a very quick start) with Tom a fair distance in front of both of us. As we exited the car park for the second time I felt a stitch across my side and Brendan eased away. Having lost touch with him I found it hard to get back into the race when the stitch subsided, and it was a case of just getting it done. Ended up with 34:41 which I’m OK with, given the conditions a few heavy weeks behind me. Full results here.

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