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Centennial Loops

Met with a solid crowd of Hurts runners for a long run around Centennial Park. Most of us were happy to go easy following the 10k race yesterday. Lots of banter and chit-chat for the first 10k loop before we decided to mix it up with side-trip to Coogee and back up the hills along the coast. After returning to the park I finished off with a couple of laps of the fence for 31k total. Not sure what pace we ran but I’m guessing 4:30 average. I’d forgotten how packed CP gets with runners on a Sunday morning. It was like a who’s who of NSW Athletics, young and old but I’m reminded of how boring it gets running that same loop time and time again. I returned home to relieve Amanda of the children while everyone else headed off for breaky and some heavy lifting at Kanser’s house (see Tim’s blog for an entertaining account). Sorry to miss the famous Tetley tea and Aldi bacon & eggs, but I took the kids to Marrickville Markets and had a massive coffee while they exhausted themselves on the bouncy castle.

Both feet are hurting from my knackered old shoes so time to get onto Wiggle I think. A springy pair of box fresh trainers is just what I need right now.

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  1. Tim
    2013-02-03 at 6:43 pm

    I’m a regular down those Markets Fats, and the cake lady is quality. although after what you have been telling me about your baking skills you would probably find her only average.
    Thanks for joining us today in the park and i hope tomorrow is NOT to stressful for you in dropping the youngs ones off at school 🙂

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