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The Equaliser and a win

Out late last night for a mate’s birthday. I had churrasco for the first time and ate an unwise amount of overcooked meat. Not exactly the ideal pre-race meal for the Equaliser: the Striders internal 14 km trail race. I woke in the morning with stomach gurgling and churning hard, but after a warm-up jog and a lengthy visit to the amenities I was set for the race. The overnight rain had washed a lot of sand away, leaving the trail loose and rocky. There were plenty of puddles and waist-deep water in the creek so it was a heavy shoe run and quite humid. I started off alongside Tom (sounding croaky and congested) at the head of the field and we had a pretty quick descent. He took a swan dive into the water at the creek crossing and I managed to pull ahead a bit on the climb to St. Ives. By the time we reached the short road section I had a good lead and from there to the end it was pretty uneventful. The last climb doesn’t get any easier, but I was happy with my finishing time of 56:16. That’s almost 2 mins slower than my best, but still a good time in the conditions and my first Equaliser win. I won a $150 voucher for “your next pair of Hokas” which are not my thing really but Amanda says she might give them another try.

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  1. Paul
    2013-02-24 at 4:03 pm

    Congratulations mate. Good win. It was humid. 86%.

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