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Back into it

After a couple of easy weeks running and a busy period at work I’m slowly getting back into training.

Sunday: 16 km tempo in 58:30 with Easy Tiger

Monday: Easy 12k. Legs felt fantastic after the tempo.

Tuesday: 4 x 10 mins with Hurts. Probably got further/faster than ever before on reps 2 & 3.

Wednesday: Stay-at-home Dad day. “Rest” (from running at least).

Thursday: Rushcutters was too far to travel so did 5 x 1.2k with Emma, JW, new guy (?) Sam & Brendan. Hard going – heavy legs, heavy breathing.

Friday: going to jog home easy soon.

I’ve been agonising over whether to run the North Face 50k. I’m sure I would enjoy it, but right now I think I need to spend a bit more time on the road and working on 10k/half times. So I’m going to target the state 10k, SMH Half, Novice 10k and a bunch of other road races & X-C. Will probably still do the Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon as a novelty over-distance training run. Travel plans and other developments mean M7 and Melbourne Marathons are out this year, so now I’m looking at Sydney in September. Not ideal for a fast marathon but it’s about the only choice. Just hope it’s cool this year.

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