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Back on the horse

So after a bit of a hiatus I am back running and working to regain some fitness. I’ve decided to restart the blog again too. It fell by the wayside during a busy spell. Let’s see if I can keep it going this time. I suppose I should write something retrospectively about the World Long Course Mountain Running Champs. Might cross-post my Striders Blister article here later (on train at the moment).

Anyway, I’ve shaken off the bronchitis that stuffed me up for a couple of months and returned today for my first Hurts session in ages. And it hurt, but a good hurt. Supposed to be 8x 5mins with 90sec recovery, but I went to the wrong meeting spot and missed half the first rep, then had to drop the last rep to get back for a meeting. So 6.5 reps, not fast but felt OK, and 20km total including warm-up/cool-down. Met Dr Skins on the way back over the bridge and heard a bit about the Berlin Marathon trip – sounds awesome.

In other news we had a very cute baby boy a couple of weeks ago. He’s a ginga like his Dad! Everyone doing well but the broken sleep might put a brake on my running for a while – we’ll see. No major races planned for a bit.

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