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Progressive Tempo

Starting to feel the fitness come back at last. A late evening Bay Run on Saturday followed by 33km with the Striders on Sunday. Easy commute Monday and the HuRTS progressive tempo on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever got this session right, although yesterday felt like a good attempt. MC reckons it should be 10 mins at marathon pace + 10s, 10 mins at marathon pace, 10 mins at half mara (turn at 23:15), 10 mins at 10k pace and 5 mins at 5k. Basically impossible, but you get the idea. I started with Ray at about 4 mins/km and Muz joined us a few minutes into the session. It was crowded through Circular Quay (3:45s) but we pretty much stuck to the plan gradually winding up the pace. The conversation kept going to the turnaround and then we all started blowing harder on the way back. Ray took the lead through the quay (3:35s) and then gapped us at the Opera House, but by the time we reached Boy Charlton Pool he was flagging and Muz and I caught him again. I finished on 44:24 which suggests we were a bit slow on the way out, but at least I finished it off without the usual blow-up. 11.7km with 9km warm-up/down.

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