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Out of hibernation

I think I’ll bring the blog out of hibernation again for 2016. Hope to manage longer than a week this time. Maybe the Procrastinating Baker will get inspired too? 2015 was a year to forget running-wise but its time for a new leaf. Over Christmas I had an intensive hill-training period at the in-laws (Bateman’s Bay) revisiting all my favourite trails in the Mogo State Forest. Legs feel stronger for it. I particularly like this roller-coaster section from the lookout/comms tower to Deep Creek Dam:


Catch up since the start of the year:

Friday (2016-01-01):  15x hill reps on “the hill” in Sydney Park. 53~54 secs average on a hot afternoon. Had to loop down to the bike park every 4 reps to check the children hadn’t been abducted.

Saturday (2016-01-02): gardening rest.

Sunday (2016-01-03): 35 km (1100 m vert) on the Illawarra Escarpment. It’s been a while but I love that place. Overcast and a nice cool breeze coming off the ocean. Then last minute call to attend Batch Brew Co in the afternoon, which resulted in me doing a pretty terrible job of dinner followed by a very early night.

Monday (2016-01-04): easy run commute, 12 km. Wet.

Tuesday (2016-01-05): 6x 5 minutes with HuRT Squad. Wet and windy, but quite nice to run in. Averaged 3:24 /km (1.48 km) for the reps and 18 km all up, feeling pretty good after Sunday’s long hilly run. Finally starting to feel the fitness come back. Hurrah! (This might have something to do with actually following my program).

Some nice pics from NYD in Sydney Park. It was practically deserted and a beautiful afternoon. After my hill reps we played spies then floated bark boats with leaf sails in the wetlands until Master R fell into the water. Clover Moore – you’ve done a great job!

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