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18 km of white fence

I was expecting a 60 minute tempo, but after the warm-up coach Tiger announced it was going to be 3x 3.6 km laps of intervals around the CP white fence (2k hard, 600m float, 500m hard, 500m float) leading straight into a further 2 laps tempo. Well the laps got progressively slower, but the last two felt OK once I’d found my rhythm. 3:53/km average for the session and 24 km total by the time I’d cooled down. I feel like I’m putting a lot in the bank right now without much obvious improvement. I guess it will take a while longer to see the full benefit.

The rest of the family are in Canberra for the weekend, so I returned home to enjoy uninterrupted coffee, bacon & eggs with the Saturday Paper followed a great big bowl of this special delivery – a late birthday present shipped by surface mail all the way from England!


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  1. Justin Horneker
    2016-01-09 at 12:47 pm

    I always say running is one of those things where it is hard until it isn’t. Running is a sport where you have to put in weeks of positive training before you notice the change!

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