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Six Foot Training Camp


After a few easy days (Wed 1 hr, Thurs 1:45, Fri rest) I headed up to the Blue Mountains this weekend for the Six Foot Training Camp. I was invited to lead some of the running groups and be available to give advice in  return for free accommodation & food. A pretty good deal! Coach Tiger thought I wouldn’t do enough running, so he gave me a hilly tempo session at Narrowneck Ridge on the way there. So in the early mist and cool drizzle I parked at the locked gate and did 4 km warm-up, 6 km hard, 2 mins rest at the turnaround (no view, too foggy), another 6 km hard and 4 km easy. Then on to Jenolan Caves where I arrived just in time for the out-and-back familiarisation run from the Six Foot Track finish line: 3 km of steep uphill, followed by an easy 3 km back down. Then lunch, a very interesting talk by physio Lewis Ingram, and sales pitches from Hokka and Tailwind reps. After that we drove out to the crossing on Jenolan Caves Road for my 3rd run of the day: 35x hill reps on a 1 minute cycle, led by Sean Williams. With legs somewhat tired from the earlier tempo session, I kept it relaxed and comfortable – something like 90~100 metres per rep. Here we all are about to start:


Sunday morning we drove out early to the Deviation camp ground and split into pace groups. Myself, Dave Byrne and Ben Duffus were joined by a few of the faster guys aiming to reach Cox’s River before turning around. It was a stunning morning and we jogged out at an easy pace before some faster running on the big descents. We reached the river (19 km) in 91 minutes, regrouped and started the climb back up Mini Mini. By now, my legs were feeling the effects of the previous day’s mileage and the earlier descents. But it was good race preparation to do this on tired legs. It wasn’t a fast run, but good time on feet and getting used to the prolonged climbs again. We got back to the Deviation in about 3.5 hours with 1500 m of climbing in the bank. I decided to try out the Tailwind samples on this run and was quite impressed. Good energy throughout the run and no gut issues at all. I might get by on this stuff alone on race day (it’s going to be on the course).

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