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Australia Day Knapsack Lap Race

Amanda and I entered as a 6-hour pair in Running Wild’s Knapsack Lap Race. The format is quite unusual: a 5 km off-road course, as many laps as you can handle within the time limit, starting your final lap before the 3 (or 6) hours is up. I’d not done this one before, but Amanda had – ending up in Napean hospital having her knee stitched up after a nasty fall. This time around she took the first 3 hours and I arrived later with the kids to take over. We had a bit of a communication breakdown and some indecision, which meant she probably did one lap too few (5 laps = 25 km) and I did one too many (8 laps = 40 km), but to be honest that was to my advantage training-wise. By the time I started at 10:30am it was hot and humid following an earlier shower. I had also completely underestimated the course. I was expecting fast undulating fire-trail. Instead, I got rocky, winding, slow single-track on which passing was difficult. Fortunately after a couple of laps many 3 hour solo runners disappeared and it became less crowded.

Unusually for me, I made a special effort to keep well hydrated, averaging about a litre of Tailwind (new favourite!) per hour. This worked well and I had good energy levels right through the race – just a gradual slow-down due to heat and associated fatigue. Unfortunately I got cramps on the final lap, which confirms my theory that cramp rarely has anything to do with hydration. The cramping is a bit of a worry for Six Foot, but hopefully just a symptom of fairly heavy training load recently. Final result was 2nd place in the 6-hour mixed pairs category and a couple of handy Running Wild beer mugs to replace the chipped ones back home.

While I was out running the older kids did a 3 km “Trail Kids” race and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great event all round really, and a nice way to spend Australia Day.

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