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Sydney Striders 10 km Race #1 Homebush

Catching up after a manic busy week at work. Late nights combined with heavy training = extreme tiredness!

Last week was a moderately big week, with Hurts 2x 20mins on the Tuesday (solid session), some decent volume and the first Striders 10 km Race on Saturday at Homebush. The turn-out was a bit thin, with quite a few opting to race the Sun Run instead. I followed Cam Arnold for the first lap, with Eoin Reville and Mike Lichtwark alongside and Macca just behind. We were holding 3:25~3:28s. Mike and I caught Cameron coming around Wentworth Common and by the time we hit halfway in about 17:15 Cam was fading. Mike and I took turns to set the pace and kept things pretty even for the second half. I got ahead of Mike on Wentworth Common and was still ahead as we double-backed on that sharp pinch onto the finish straight. But as we rounded the corner Mike suddenly surged alongside and got his nose in front. I fought hard for 100m, but there was no kick in my legs and by the chute he was a half second in front. 34:41 was the official time and I’m pretty happy with that. Big improvement over what I was capable of just a month or two ago. There were some good photographers on the course for this one…


The following morning I took myself down to Bulli Pass for a long hilly trail run. I headed up Rixon’s Pass to Brokers Nose, following the power line trail for a 16k loop. Then back down Rixon’s and a further 20k on the Lower Escarpment Trail though Corrimal Colliery to Woronora and back to the car for 36 km and >1000 m vertical. Beautiful running weather and some nice wildlife including a couple of red-bellied black snakes to give my heart a start! Also bumped into some familiar faces from the old KJ’s mountain running series. Hoping to go down for the same run this Sunday too.

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